The great benefits of soaking your feet in ginger saltwater

Soaking your feet in saltwater and ginger is not only a method of relaxation but also a cure for bone and joint diseases. This is a healthy method, but not everyone knows it.

Saltwater and ginger have the effect of soothing pain, preventing ankle joint pain, and fighting foot odor. Soaking your feet in ginger saltwater every night before going to bed is not only beneficial for the feet but also brings many benefits to the body such as soothing high blood pressure, helping to enhance memory, bringing a sense of comfort and gentle tranquility for the brain.

1. Treatment of skin diseases

Salt is one of the best skincare ingredients, especially for foot care because of its ability to moisturize and exfoliate the skin. At the same time, has the ability to disinfect, so it helps the skin to be cleaner and faster to recover from inflammation.

So, you can safely and effectively treat foot fungus and nail fungus by soaking your feet in ginger saltwater.

2. Reduce fatigue

People who are often tired and sluggish can apply this method to relax. Soaking feet in ginger saltwater helps warm up the body, helps blood circulation and promotes metabolism, making the spirit more comfortable.

3. Reduce symptoms of insomnia

Soaking your feet in ginger salt water will help stimulate the nerve endings in the feet.

Meanwhile, the footbath, gently massaging the feet also positively affects the nervous system, stimulates the blood circulation system, the blood is regulated, helps balance the body, and improves sleep.

4. Helps eliminate foot odor

A foot bath not only helps you improve your sleep but is also an effective way to help you deal with common foot odors. Soaking feet with ginger salt water helps to clean the feet more, so apply a foot bath every day to bring the best effect.

5. Helps relieve arthritis pain

Salt helps keep the body in balance, when combined with ginger salt water will have an effect on the joints. Therefore, if you are suffering from painful bone problems such as arthritis, peripheral neuritis… you should apply this simple method.

6. Slow down the aging process

The aging process in humans usually takes place rapidly due to the weakening of the kidneys. Meanwhile, soaking your feet in ginger saltwater improves blood circulation, nourishes the kidneys, thereby slowing down the aging process and prolonging life.

Make ginger salt water to soak your feet


Ginger, granulated salt, and warm water.


Ginger is crushed, put in water, and boiled with salt.

Heat the water to a temperature of about 50-60oC (can be adjusted according to the user’s ability). Footbath at a temperature of about 45oC. After soaking for about 10 minutes, warm water can be added to keep the temperature of the water.

When soaking your feet, sit with your back straight and soak for about 20-25 minutes. When soaking, it is recommended to combine gentle massage on the legs and soles of the feet for effective results.

Don’t forget to be good to yourself! Give your feet a relaxing soak today! Check back with Relaxmaps for more articles on how to take good care of your feet.

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Author: Relax Maps Team


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