Relax, de-stress and feel better.

Stress and anxiety are common experiences for most people. In fact, lots of people say they exhausted after a working week

Here are 4 simple ways to de-stress and get the balance

1. Reduce daily caffeine intake

There are many studies that show daily use of caffeine can be healthy. But it is only good when we tolerate a sufficient amount in accordance with the needs of the body.

If you feel restless, uncontrollable tremors, anxiety, etc…. then you should stop taking caffeine.

2. Take a yoga course

Yoga is an effective form of stress relief, improving mental health. Some research has found that yoga can improve mood and may even be an antidepressant in treating depression and anxiety.

It’s also popular at this moment, and you can easy to sign up at the center near your place.


3. Enjoy a massage at the weekend

The long-term effect of stress can cause mental and physical harm.

Massage therapy helps enhance immune function, lower blood pressure, help chronic neck pain, sleep better, relieve tension headaches, reduce anxiety, etc…

4. Hairdressers head massage

Not only helps us reduce stress but also helps blood circulation to the brain by massaging the scalp.

Using only fingertips to press, changing the amount of pressure and also direction every few minutes from clockwise to counterclockwise.

Relax Maps Team
Author: Relax Maps Team


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