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One of the “secrets” to making a girlfriend more beautiful and radiant, besides the outfit and charisma, is the hair.


Before choosing the right hairstyle, let’s find out which face type you are: oval face, round face, or long face… then together we will find the hairstyle that best suits each different face type!

1. Hairstyles for round faces

The main characteristic of a round face is that the cheekbones, chin, and forehead are not angular. The advantage of girls who own this face type is that they can “cheat age”. However, this also accidentally becomes a disadvantage because the face has no angle.

For round faces, women can refer to hairstyles such as high-cut pixie hair, pointed hair, or long hair cut layers and then curled. On the other hand, you should also avoid short tomboyish hairstyles, short past the chin, or styles with thick bangs.

2. Hairstyles for long faces

Long faces often have a high forehead, the appearance tends to be lifeless and older than the actual age. Therefore, the long-faced team should choose bangs that can shorten the length of the face.

Instead of sparse bangs revealing the forehead, long-faced women are recommended to have slightly puffed bangs.

This style of bangs has a moderate thickness, which helps to cover the high forehead but is not too heavy, making the face look young and fresh.

3. Hairstyles for square faces

People with square faces often have the following characteristics: high cheekbones and a large jawbone. Therefore, they need bangs that cover the edges, making the face soft and gentle.

Hairstylists think that square faces should let bangs curl on both sides, puffing up at the top of the head. This type of bangs can well correct the angles on the face, softening the square lines

4. The sharp face hairstyle

The sharp face often has quite large and clear lines: big eyes, full lips… but the face is quite small. If you focus too much on the lines, the face will look asymmetrical.

Hairstylists recommend that women who own this type of face trim their bangs gently, letting them fall naturally at eye level.

This not only hides the hairline, but also reveals the width of the face to the sides, the five senses also become soft and feminine


There are many different face types and many different popular hairstyles. We hope you find our tips, advice and suggestions to be helpful in choosing the perfect hairstyle to accentuate your look!

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Author: Relax Maps Team


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