Manicure and Pedicure Benefits

The benefits of manicure for healthy fingernails and pedicure for healthy toenails certainly cannot be questioned. However, did you know this treatment is not just for the health of your nails?

Hand and foot health are vital to maintain general health and avoid health issues. Also, clean and healthy nails are nice to look at.

So you need regular nail care and one way to do that is with manicure and pedicure. Continue reading to learn about the possible benefits of manicure and pedicure.

1. Cuticle care

The cuticle or nail is the clear layer of skin that lies under the nails and toenails. The function of the cuticle is to protect the nail from bacteria, especially while the nail is growing. However, this part often goes unnoticed in daily nail care.

Through a pedicure, the esthetician will regularly moisten the cuticle, pushing the nail layers for a cleaner look, while carefully removing any excess skin.


2. Manicure

When cutting nails, you may encounter an uneven patch. This can make your nails look less neat when they start to grow back. A manicure can keep your nails looking nice and even.


3. Treatment of dry hands and feet

Dry skin can make your hands and feet appear wrinkled and dull. Worse yet, this problem can cause your feet and hands to itch frequently.

Dry skin on hands and feet can be caused by many factors, such as weather factors, exposure to irritants or chemicals, washing hands too often, overexposure to UV rays, and glove, sock and shoe wearing habits.


4. Exfoliate dead skin cells

If feet are frequently covered with tight socks and shoes or are rubbed when walking or running, dead skin cells, especially feet, accumulate.

If you don’t exfoliate regularly, it can also cause dead skin cells to accumulate.

5. Fixes various problems that can affect the area around the hands and feet

Such as nails having a bad smell, looking cracked, with calluses, or being ingrown….

To prevent or correct various problems, you can get a manicure for your fingernails and a pedicure for your toenails, to help keep your hands and feet looking healthy and beautiful!


We hope the tips above help you to see the importance of maintaining healthy toenails, fingernails, hands and feet as well as some ideas about how manicures and pedicures are a great way to do just that!

Relax Maps Team
Author: Relax Maps Team


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