Different Types of Massage

The widespread popularity of massage across different countries has created a diversity in massage culture handed down through generations. Each country gives us different massage methods, but all of them are aimed at the ultimate goal of helping people to relieve stress and fatigue, bringing a new spirit.

To help you understand more about these methods RelaxMaps would like to share the Top 6 most popular types of Massage today with their own uses for each type for your reference.

1. Hot stone massage

This kind of massage is suitable for people who have a problem with their muscles.

This type of massage has a lot of health benefits such as reducing muscle tension, blood circulation, pain relief, stress relief, etc.

The therapist will use hot stones to apply to areas of pain or they will gently move the stones throughout your body. The heat from the stones helps to loosen tight muscles which help the therapist to better relieve pain and knots in the muscle tissue.

2. Aromatherapy massage

Using essential oils in massage is a technique that is also very popular throughout the world because of its great benefits.

This therapy uses hands with gentle pressure along with a few diluted essential oils to help you relieve stress and relax your body. The scents from the oils help to relax the body and the mind, which helps you to achieve maximum benefit from your massage.

3. Deep tissue massage

This is a rather heavy form of massage, it will be suitable for those who have long-standing muscle tension or are experiencing muscle injuries.

When massaging, experts will use force from their fingers to affect your muscles. After finishing the course, your body will feel a noticeable change. Since this type of massage can involve strong pressure, it is important to communicate with your therapist. If the pressure is causing more pain than you can tolerate then make sure to let your therapist know so they can adjust the pressure.

4. Sports massage

Sports massage is a form of massage for people who often play sports. Especially for those with high training intensity and extreme competition.

Sports therapeutic massage after training sessions will help practitioners maintain better health.

It also enhances blood circulation and promotes metabolism in the body, especially in the affected body areas.

Sports massage reduces the risk of injury and reduces recovery time for the person receiving the massage. This is an ideal form of massage for athletes or anyone with a very active lifestyle needing quick recovery and optimal performance.

5. Thai massage

Among the types of spas, Thai massage is the most popular. Inherently, life and work pressure easily make us fall into a state of stress, fatigue, which gradually leads to diseases such as back pain, headache, sciatica…

Thai massage therapy includes Yoga exercises, therapeutic drugs and acupressure according to tradition. Thai massage makes use of gentle pressure and various stretching to keep the body healthy and re-energized while reducing stress.

6. Prenatal massage

Several studies have shown that massage before pregnancy significantly alters hormonal regulation in the body, leading to an increase in dopamine and serotonin, and a decrease in norepinephrine and cortisol. Dopamine and Serotonin help regulate things like sleep and memory, while norepinephrine and cortisol are often called stress hormones.

This hormone change helps reduce stress and anxiety for pregnant women while also improving sleep quality and a healthy mental state.

Women are often prone to reduced blood circulation during pregnancy, leading to stagnant circulation in the joints, also known as edema.

Massage therapy can increase blood circulation, which helps reduce swelling and pain in the joints.

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