Different Kinds of Nail Polish

Whether you’re new to nail polish or a lacquer collector, it can be difficult to know where to begin or how to keep your collection fresh. Relaxmaps is here to assist with tried-and-true brands that we can’t seem to get enough of.

1. Basic gel

There is no need for any other device or equipment support.

It’s simple to do at home. Cleaning is simple with a standard acetone solution.

Paint color is easily peeled off and becomes old in a short period of time. The paint takes a long time to dry.

If you use this type of polish, you must make new nails on a regular basis.

2. Gel polish

This is a hard gel that your nail technician (or you if you’ve mastered the at-home gel mani) will apply over your bare nail.

A UV light is used in conjunction with gel polish to cure (or set) it. It should last for about two weeks. Similar to acrylics, hard gel polish can be used to extend your nail shape and give you a longer length.

3. Acrylic

This is another typical polish type when it comes to acrylic nails. Acrylic polish is made up of a liquid and powder mixture.

This concoction is put directly to your bare nail. Acrylic nail polish hardens as it cures and may be filed to your preferred form. It can also be used to make your natural nail longer. Acrylics also have a two-week lifespan.

4. Breathable

If you’re wondering what type of nail polish is best for your nails, allow us to point you in the direction of breathable polish. In short, breathable nail polish allows oxygen and water to pass through your polish and to your nails, rather than creating a barrier between your nails and the elements.

This water-permeable polish will give your nails a chance to, well, breath, which is of utmost importance if you find you can’t go without having a perfectly painted mani. Breathable nail polish tends to have the same wearability as the basic option we mentioned earlier, lasting around one week.

5. Polygel

Consider PolyGel to be a cross between acrylic and gel nail polish. In essence, this polish was created for nail technicians to use in order to provide a flawless manicure. It has a gel-like consistency and is applied to bare nails with an acrylic brush. It can then be shaped to your specifications and cured with an LED or UV light.

PolyGel nail polish is one of the most long-lasting options. With proper care, it can last up to 21 days.

6. Dip Powder

Another type of long-lasting nail polish is dip powder nail polish. In fact, it can last anywhere from three weeks to a month, which explains why it’s become such a popular polish option.

Your nail technician will apply dip powder polish to your nails.

7. Shellac

Last but not least is Shellac. Shellac nail polish is a cross between a gel and basic formulas, just as PoyGel polish is a hybrid of gel and acrylic.

It’s painted on bare nails and then cured with a UV light.



In conclusion, there are many different types of nail polish, each with different benefits and applications. Some are more convenient and less expensive while other options may be more durable or offer added benefits like breathability.  Hopefully the information above will help you decide what option will work best for you!

Relax Maps Team
Author: Relax Maps Team


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